How does a Salary Account help me get a personal loan?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

You get a preferential rate of interest and processing fee, speedy processing and minimal documentation if you have a Salary Account with Bank. This is taken into account at the time of disbursal of the loan. You can pay through a Standing Instruction to debit your Bank account with the EMI amount

How do I get Personal Loan?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

After checking eligibility criteria for loan, you need to submit the entire relevant document and supporting information to the bank you will get Personal Loan.

Is there any charges I have to Pay you?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Absolutely not, and we advise you to do not pay any cash to anyone.

How much loan I can get?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

It depends upon your income. Generally bank would take 40%-50% of your salary for paying EMI.

Is my information safe?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes, We never share customers privacy to others.

Is my information safe?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes, We never share customers privacy to others.

Can my spouse income be clubbed for Personal Loan?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes, you can apply jointly with your spouse or with your parents it also increases your loan eligibility and helps you in getting maximum loan amount.

Over what period should I choose to repay the loan?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

The choice of repayment term will immediately affect your monthly repayment amount. You should balance the loan repayment term and the monthly repayment amount you can afford in order to ensure there will be enough money left for your daily living. A longer repayment term will help lower your monthly repayment amount, but the total interest paid will be higher. You should carefully determine your loan repayment term according to your financial capabilities.

Can I take a personal loan for home improvement or home extension?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes, Apart from Home purchase you can take Personal loan for Home Improvement Loan, Home Extension Loan, Home Conversion Loan, Bridge Loan, Home Construction Loan and Land Purchase Loan.

Can I get a personal loan for business?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes! we offers Personal Loans for business and to self-employed individuals.

How do I foreclose my personal loan ? will there be any charge for the foreclosure?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Before we process a foreclosure, all outstanding dues must be cleared. So we request you to first check for and clear any remaining amount that may be payable towards your Personal Loan by requesting a foreclosure statement. Once all outstanding dues have been cleared, please submit a foreclosure request at the Loan Center.