What kind of SME loans we offer?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

For Business Expansion: Technology upgrades, extension of project loan, increasing product lines, forward/backward integration, geographical expansion and expansion of manufacturing units. For Working capital: To meet the sudden business needs and to meet the working capital gap. For Margin Money Funding: Margin money for business premises and for purchase of machineries.

What is the loan process?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Step 1: Submit your loan application with required documents. Step 2: Personal visit at your office Step 3: After answering all your queries Step 4: Quick disbursement after submission of agreement & PDCs We respect your privacy and hence we strictly adhere to our privacy terms.

What documents are required for an SME loan?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

o Incorporation documents and Bank statements for the past 6 months. o Proofs of age, address and signature of individuals (Parties involved in the agreement.) o Validation proof and tax receipts for the current years turnover. o Financial statements from the last three years. o Proof of address for office and factory.

Is there any pre-payment option for your financial product?  ( 15 Oct 2015)

Yes. You may go for prepayment of the SME loan any time after 6 months with a pre-payment fee. (*Note-Prepayment fee would be charged as per loan agreement.)